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Randon rambling thoughts
The ABA finally made national news. Not for its play but one of its players...who has yet to play!
Say hello to 7-foot-9 Sun Ming Ming who has signed with Maryland Nighthawks. A story just because a guy is tall.
What amazes me when meeting tall individuals is not their height but when you shake their hands. The size of their hands.
Met and interviewed Gheorghe Muresan 7-foot-7 when he played at the World Junior Basketball Championships in Edmonton, Alberta.
Also have interviewed  or met Jorge Gonzales, 7-foot-7, wrestler; Chuck Nevitt, 7-foot-5, basketball; Andre the Giant 7-foot-4, wrestler; Mark Eaton, 7-foot-4, basketball; Rik Smits, 7-foot-4, basketball.
Have played on teams with players that were 7-foot and played against players who were 7-foot-1 but not of any renown.
In a celebrity game once played against the Canadian Half-Pints, a team of hoop midgets, who brought out one ringer who they billed at 7-foot-8?
He was well over the 7-foot-2 or 7-foot-3 mark but was very sickly and nonathletic. Wish I could remember his name?
If could go back in history the two giants I wish I could have met would be Mills Darden who stood 7-foot- 6 and tipped the scales at more than 1,000 pounds and had feats of strength. Finally Roman Emperor Maximinus Thrax another strongman at 8-foot-6.

If you are a fan of high-scoring basketball games, make sure to check off January 28, 2007 on your calendar, for that's when the American Basketball Association circus...oops...I mean 2007 ABA All Star Game grabs the spotlight at Halifax's Metro Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada.

The calibre of professional basketball, to be honest and well known to my fellow ABA fans here at the Minor League Hoops forumn, will be third tier as the best North American players are already showcasing their talents in the National Basketball Association, NBA Development League and Continental Basketball Association.

Majority of these ABA All Star players - which I posted in a previous message- come from community college or NCAA Division II or III programs.

Unfortunately, the odd are that the closest any of these players will ever get to an NBA court is by purchasing a ticket...make that one in the nose bleed section for their salaries are third-world.

What you will see though , is athletes playing the game for love and living dreams.

What you will see is a high-scoring game with plenty of three-pointers jacked up...attested by previous ABA All Star Game scores: 163-149 (2004-05) and 161-138 (2000-01).

There are several interesting stories in this collection of 26 players.

San Diego Wildcats' Cardell Butler will showboat is skills he learned from his days as a AND1 player while Atlanta Vision's 6-foot-8 Robert Martin will display his monster dunks courtesy of a 40-inch vertical.

Detroit Panthers Kantu Davis is no stranger to crossing the border to Canada for pro hoops as he was a 1999-2000 second-team league all star for the Black Hills Gold (Rapid City, South Dakota) in the International Basketball Association which featured teams in Saskatoon (Saskatchewan Hawks) and Winnipeg (Winnipeg Cyclone).

Arkansas Aeros ' Curtis Haywood made it to the NBA doorstep by playing the D-League way back while Wilmington Sea Dawgs' Cedric McGinnis hopes his ranking in the Top 20 players in semi-professional basketball last year, brings out the scouts.

Would be nice to see his uncle in attendance too...George McGinnis one of the marquee players of the original ABA (1967-76).

Also hitting the court at the Metro Centre will be Quad City Riverhawks Lonnie Randolph who while playing for Drake in the NCAA ranks hit an amazing 22 of 24 free throws in a game.

Let's hope that The Hollywood Fames' Billy Knight brings some of the teams owners along which include W.W.E. diva Stacey Keibler and three-time NBA champion and 14-year vet John Salley.

Most interesting player perhaps and the one that may bring out the NBA scouts is 6-foot-9 guard Sun Yue of the Beijing Aoshen Olympian.

Playing for this transplanted team from the Chinese Basketball Association, Yue has already put up a couple of quadruple-doubles and is pinpointed to be the starting guard for China at the 2008 Olympics to be held in Beijing.

All of this may sound like Chinese to you but one thing is for sure...there will be plenty of English on the basketball come January 28.
East All Stars

Katu Davis, Detroit
Antonio Burks, Vermont
James Reaves, Rochester
Drew Washington, Maryland
Gregory Plummer, Strong Island
Cedric McGinnis, Wilmington
Antoine Sims, Buffalo
Jerry Williams, Jacksonville
Rob Sanders, Cape Cod
Bobby St. Preux, Palm Beach
Cordell Jeanty, Quebec City
Robert Martin, Atlanta
Alex Hill, Orlando

West All Stars

Mike Parker, Bellingham
Donald Beachem, Texas
Cardell Butler, San Diego
Billy Knight, Hollywood
Bobby Anderson, Peoria
Terrell Hendricks, Maywood
Lonnie Randolph, Quad City
Curtis Haywood, Arkansas Aeros
Jeremy Bell, Arkansas RiverCatz
Jamel Staten, Minnesota
Sun Yue, Beijing
Chris Brown, Tennessee
Tyrone Davis, Mississippi


E-Mail to Globe and Mail Sports Scribe
Wednesday, Nov 22, 2006

In reference to your column "All Hail Canada"  (November 22, 2006 Toronto Globe and Mail) and the written comment "when it comes to basketball, fans outside the Greater Toronto Area are either into university or high school hoops or not at all," please find time to check out my websites www.frozenhoops.com and  www.freewebs.com/frozenhoops  and you will discover that there is pro basketball in Canada - outside of the Toronto Raptors - and that it is doing fine and well.
The American Basketball Association (ABA) presently has teams with the Montreal Matrix and Quebec Kebekwa. The 2007 ABA All Star Game will also be staged in Halifax. Look for SRO.
Halifax will enter a team in the ABA next season - 2007-08 - along with the Mississauga Redwolves.
Hamilton, London, Ottawa are also rumored to join the ABA.  Talking to CEO Joe Newman plans are also to expand out west?!
The Vancouver Dragons are set to join the Continental Basketball Association for 2007-2008 and Lethbridge (which had a team in the CBA with the Alberta Dusters back in the 1980s') is rumoured to follow. The CBA is older then the NBA.
For 60 years plus there has been plenty of pro hoops in Canada for fans to follow. There was pro hoops outside of high school, college and university for Canadian fans to watch before the Raptors and it will continue.
The ball may only bounce up. 
Curtis J. Phillips
Canada's Basketball Historian
Just some of the 30+ pro basketball teams in Canada (past, present and future) that don't start with Toronto or end in Raptors
Alberta Dusters (Continental Basketball Association) averaged 1,250 fans a game in Lethbridge
Barrie Bandits (Ontario Professional Basketball Association)
Brantford Blaze (ConneXion) (Ontario Professional Basketball Association)
Calgary 88s' (World Basketball League) average over 3,000 fans per game first year. More than 7,000 fans at Saddledome for inaugural All-Star game.
Calgary Drillers (American Basketball Association)
Calgary Outlaws (National Basketball League)
Cape Breton Breakers (National Basketball League)
Durham Dragons (Ontario Professional Basketball Association)
Edmonton Skyhawks (National Basketball League)
Guelph Gladiators (Ontario Professional Basketball Association)
Halifax (American Basketball Association)
Halifax Windjammers (World Basketball League) (National Basketball League)
Hamilton Skyhawks (World Basketball League) (National Basketball League)
London Orion (Ontario Professional Basketball Association)
Mississauga Redwolves (American Basketball Association)
Montreal Dragons (National Basketball League)
Montreal Matrix (American Basketball Association)
Niagara Daredevils (American Basketball Association)
Niagara Gamblers (Ontario Professional Basketball Association)
Quebec Kebekwa (American Basketball Association)
Saskatchewan Storm (World Basketball League)
Saskatoon Slam (National Basketball League)
Saskatchewan Hawks  (Continental Basketball Association)
Saskatchewan Storm (National Basketball League)
Toronto Huskies (Basketball Association of America)
Toronto Metro Xpress (Ontario Professional Basketball Association)
Toronto Tornados (Continental Basketball Association)
Vancouver Dragons (Continental Basketball Association)
Vancouver Grizzlies (National Basketball Association)
Vancouver Hornets (Pacific Coast Professional Basketball League)
Vancouver Nighthawks (World Basketball League)
Waterloo Revolution (Ontario Professional Basketball Association)
Windsor Drive ((Ontario Professional Basketball Association)
Winnipeg Cyclones (International Basketball Association)
 Winnipeg Thunder (World Basketball League)  (National Basketball League)
P.S. And Steve Nash is not the rare Canadian to make the NBA. Check out the above link which will direct you towards the 35 Canadians drafted into the NBA and the 19 Canadian whom have played in the NBA. (The NBA does not even have this many in their own directory which I wrote for them about five years ago and since researched and updated). Still to confirm if Samuel Dalembert had taken out Canadian citizenship.

October 11, 2006: Halifax landing the ABA All-Star Game is one of the best things ever to hit the hardwood in Canada. The ABA has had a bit of a struggle north of the border with failure in Calgary (Drillers) and Niagara (Daredevils) but in both cases it was a fly by night operation. Proposed teams in Vancouver - which has joined the CBA - Ottawa, London etc never panned out. Montreal Matrix had a solid season last year and Quebec looks like it will have a strong footing. Excited about Halifax though as it sounds like it actually has some SMART PEOPLE on board. But to land the ABA All Star Game! If they do it right look for Canadian teams to start popping up here and there. See Nov. 12 blog for predictions on such.
JUNE 29 2006: Wow a long time since I blogged! It was 19 years ago in national print publication that I stated the NBA would one day be dominated by international players. It was 15 years ago once again in print that I said international teams would beat the USA in regular fashion at international competitions. Ten years ago I wrote that if you took any major national team - say Spain, Serbia, Italy - and placed them in the NBA that they would win the NBA title. Just take a look at these below faces. These are non USA players drafted in the first two rounds of the NBA Draft yesterday. These are the future stars of the NBA.


Nov 26: Thanks to Frozen Hoops reader John Pollock for keeping me a tune to what is happening in Daredevils land. Check out the story on our ABA section.
Can't figure out Daredevils owner Al Howell?
Along with Peter Young he tried to raise from the hockey graveyard the World Hockey Association and a farm system with World Hockey Association 2. That collapsed and then instead of setting up and running an entire two-league system they gave a shot at running a single team.

Old WHA Logo

The team was the ill-fated Calgary Drillers of last years American Basketball Association. The storyline had more dips and drops then West Edmonton Mall's roller coaster. Reporting on the fiasco in Frozen Hoops was indeed a challenge. The team lasted 3 weeks!
Al has some background. According to reports he was the former CEO of the Ottawa Roughriders resigning in 1995 . There had been an indictment alleging Howell's involvement with 58 counts of forged checks in a travel business. The case was dropped.
Howell also brokered deals to get teams into the ABA. Most franchises take two or three years of planning to get off the ground....Al was convincing teams that it took two or three months only and sometimes only weeks!
Naturally...disaster for many a team owner followed.
Howell, along with the hockey dreams, has talked in the past about forming a Canadian Indoor Football League for the winter months.
Give him credit though he thinks BIG but comes up small.
Nov 12: News out of Indianapolis, Indiana that the American Basketball Association (ABA) announced that it plans major expansion into Canada for the 2006 season. According to Joe Newman, ABA CEO, "We have just accepted market reservations for both Quebec City and Ottawa and earlier announced Vancouver, bringing to five the number of teams that will be playing in Canada next season. And we're also working with four additional groups. We are very excited about all three cities and of course, we are extremely proud of the way both the Montreal Matrix and Niagara Daredevils have started. Canada is very important to the ABA, the fans are fabulous, and we'll do everything we can to justify the confidence and support we are receiving. We'll be announcing the ownership groups and their plans very shortly."
In regards to the possibility of the following teams making an appearance in Canada:

IN: Vancouver as they already have an owner Michael Tuckman. Originally talks there were in having a Oriental based player team but that owner jumped ship. Good market and could make a go. Will make a go.
IN: Ottawa: Talks with a team and the ABA have been on the go for a while. But if the Niagara Daredevils don't make a go look for them to possibly relocate to Ottawa.

IN: Quebec City: Yes. Would be a could rivalry with Montreal which attracted 2,400 to recent opener. May be to small a city. Lost their NHL team so this may be a right blend.
OUT  - Victoria: No way. Already support the Vikes university team. Two teams in town too much.

IN - Calgary: If Edmonton had a team maybe. Had a bad taste from the ABA last year which was a fiasco with the ill fated Calgary Drillers which lasted two weeks. Will have to regain confidence of public. Have to get John Havelock on board. They had great crowds for the semi-pro realm before with the Calgary 88s' - World Basketball League (1988-1992) reaching the finals three times – and the short-lived Calgary Outlaws (1994 National Basketball League). Attracted 8,000 to some games!!!

IN: Edmonton: Get the right people on board and you have a go. West Edmonton Mall - the largest mall in the world - has had behind the door talks of building their own arena and have mentioned minor league hoops as a possible look see

IN: Winnipeg: Supported semi pro ball before and will do it again. Need to get Grand Forks and Fargo on that loop with a close drive to North Dakota.

OUT: Regina: A no go. Already have their CFL football team which all the $$$$ goes into.

IN: Saskatoon: Yes. They have had a semi-pro team history, even in the Continental Basketball Association, longer then any other city in Canada.

OUT: Toronto. No way. If Toronto got an ABA team then they would want a NBA team? lol

OUT: Hamilton: No go. To close to Toronto.

OUT: Fredericton: Are you kidding?

OUT: Saint John: Another joke?

OUT: St. John's: Only if they bring in home bred Carl English. Not enough $$$ in Newfoundland to support pro sports aside from hockey.

IN: Halifax: Yes. They love hoops out that way.

Possible other locales:
Lethbridge - Hoop crazed Mormons in that neck of the woods. Had a CBA team in the early 1980s'
Red Deer - Stuck between Edmonton and Calgary one hour each way
Fort McMurray - My home town $80,000 with an average income of more than $100,000. I would be the GM
London (Ontario) not England.
For more information about the ABA in Canada, visit email joenewman@abalive.com or visit www.abalive.com.

Thursday October 20 2005 Been a while since on blog but busy and health issues have kept me away. Great to see the Niagara Daredevils have some Canadian content on their training camp roster. Of the 24 players they have five Canucks trying out. Place the five together and you may have the best in Canada - aside from the national team starting five. Trying out are Shane Nicely, Morgan Fairweather, O'Neil Kamaka, Kirk Salesman and Cordell Jeanty. It would give you a 6-foot-5 across lineup that could run and gun. Can see at least three of them making the roster...let's hope.

 Shane Nicley


Thursday Sept 15 2005  Are the Niagara Daredevils playing "Small Ball" or what?  So far they have announced the signing of nine players: 5’10", DeShawn Bowman, 6’0" Matt Luedtke, 6’0 LeBastian Abney, 6’1 Majestic Mapp, 6’5 LeRoy Hickerson, 6’6 Jamal Ward, 6'6" Steve Horne, 6’7 Joe Buck and 6’8 Reggie Warren.. Heck I’ve played on senior men’s teams that were taller then that? Time to sign to the dotted line some tall timber Daredevils!

Monday Sept 12, 2005: Every four years the NCAA will allow an USA college basketball team to venture anywhere in the world to play some exhibition hoops. With all of the places in the world why would they choose Canada? Case in point. On the recent long weekend there were 27 games featuring USA schools taking on the host Canadian schools. Our visitors to the south cleaned the slate winning 23 of the contests by an average score of 80-60. There were some huge blowouts as North Dakota State embarrassed Humber and Sheridan by 50 points in each contest. North Dakota State? The roster has features six small town hoopsters from Minnesota and three kids from North Dakota. They also landed Phil Hahn from Toronto after he made the move up from the North Dakota State College of Science. And to prove the team is no fluke they also beat U of Toronto 71-67. What the heck is going on? A bunch of kids from Fargo, North Dakota whipping the big city kids from Toronto? Murray State also slammed Algonguin by 50 and U of Colorado and Central Michigan defeated Trinity Western and Guelph by 41 and 40 point margins. Our four victories were York beating Lake Superior State (Division II) and Middle Tennessee State (Division I) 91-78 and 77-71 respectively. U of Toronto edged Central Michigan 74-68 and U of British Columbia dumped on Cal State Northridge 85-64. You have to wonder though about Cal State when their top scorer on the team goes by the name, and I’m not kidding, Austen Powers. The problem is that our best players head south to play in the NCAA so we are held at gun point to watch second rate hoops.

Monday Sept 5, 2005: Note to Toronto Raptors. Clear some room and bring in some Canadians?  What’s wrong with giving Carl English or Juan Mendez a 12th man spot? Trade some of the deadweight you have and bring in Jamaal Magloire. Fifty years ago the Toronto Huskies managed to field two Canadians on their roster. Mind you, they folded after one year? But Canadian hoops have improved drastically over the years. Note to Niagara Daredevils and Montreal Matrix of the American Basketball Association. Have at least, please, two Canadians on your roster during your inaugural season. Instead of heading overseas or playing in the Continental Basketball Association maybe Mendez will stay put. The 6-foot-5 forward became the top-scoring Canadian in NCAA history in his final season at Niagara, and led the Purple Eagles to their first NCAA tournament berth in 35 years last March. Despite the fact that he wasn't taken in the 2005 NBA draft he played with the Miami Heat in their summer league. Once again no offer on the plate from the Raptors. Mendez would love to play in his hometown of Montreal. Still confused why Canadians – up to 150 – have to leave home soil to play pro ball.

Saturday June 18 2005: Thanks to my fellow hoop historians at APBR was able to track down and confirm the info that Canadian Richard Spears was indeed drafted into the NBA way back in 1964 in the 14th round 99th pick overall by the St. Louis Hawks.  In the same draft the Hawks also picked another Canuck in the name of Warren Sutton out of Sir George Williams. That brings the total to 35 of which 17 Canucks have played in the NBA and an additional 18 were drafted into the NBA but never played. Click here for the complete list that I compiled for the NBA and their website. 
Thanks to fellow hoop fanatic Brian Swidrovich for sending some great Saskatoon Slam semi-pro hoops items.  Right now I am collecting memorabilia pertaining to anything related to pro ball, major or semi, where Canadians are or were involved. Goal is to one day may house them at the Legion Athletic Camp so kids can see them each summer.
Friday June 10 2005  George Mikan was a fighter. He fought off death. Kept it at the door for as long as he could. A few days ago Mikan, 80, headed to the big court in the sky. In recent years his 6-foot-11 frame had been cut down with diabetes claiming one leg. His kidneys cried for help. Dialysis three times a week. He was a champion and the first superstar of the NBA leading the Minneapolis Lakers to seven titles during his nine-year career. But we forgot him.

We forgot that he had been a key figure in brining the Timberwolves to the Twin Cities. We forgot that he was once commissioner of the rebel red white and blue ball ABA. We forgot that he fought hard and long to get pensions for pre-1965 NBA players. A pension that was paying him only $1,700 a month. Only $1,700 to a man that brought basketball to the forefront.

Present-day ego-driven players like Kenny Anderson forget to. It was during the last NBA labor dispute that Kenny Anderson said times were so tough he was considering the ultimate personal sacrifice of getting rid of one of his eight luxury cars. "I've got to get tight," Anderson said then. " I might have to get rid of the Mercedes."

Mikan, while fighting for other teammates and players from the pre 1865-era, got tight too. He sold off most of his basketball memorabilia and trophies just to pay for hospital bills.

But not everyone is so selfish. Shaq went out on the limb and spared some change from his multi million salary to offer and then pay for Mikan’s funeral. We may not owe Mikan money out of our pockets but we do owe him respect.

Friday May 27 2005 Greatest NBA or basketball player of all time? Simple. No questions to ask. No. 13. Why do people even argue about this? Michael Jordan who? Wilt  averaged 30.1 points and 22.9 rebounds per game. Led the NBA in rebounding 11 times. Tops inn shooting percentage seven times. Scoring champ seven times. Even led in assists once. In  14 years never once fouled out of a game and that is while averaging an amazing 45.8 minutes per game!  Kids talk about Dennis Rodman as been an amazing rebounder. Well Wilt averaged nearly 10 rebounds per game (22.9) then the Worm.

Wilt's teams were some of the greatest of all time. The 1967 Philadelphia 76ers and in 1972 the Los Angeles Lakers. And forget the junk that he played against small centres. He faced off against Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Bill Russell, Willis Reed, Walt Bellamy, Nate Thurmond etc cetera 

Heck Wilt in his prime would dominate....yes I said dominate....Shaquille O'Neal

Wilt's 100 point feat may be the greatest individual accomplishment in sports history!

High School:
  • Overbrook (PA) High School (1951-55)
High School Playing Highlights:
  • All-America (1955)
  • Scored 90 points, including 60 points in a 10-minute span against Roxborough High School
  • Led Overbrook to City Championships (1954, 1955)
  • Scored 800 points in his first 16 games (1955)
  • Scored 2,252 points in high school career
  • University of Kansas (1955-58)
College Playing Highlights:
  • Unanimous First Team All-America (1957, 1958)
  • The Sporting News First Team All-America (1958)
  • Played two seasons at Kansas and scored 1,433 points (29.9 ppg), grabbing 877 rebounds (18.3 rpg) in 48 varsity games
  • Scored 52 points against Northwestern (1957)
  • Grabbed 36 rebounds against Iowa (1958)
  • NCAA Tournament MVP (1957)
  • Led Kansas to the 1957 championship game, a 54-53 triple overtime loss to North Carolina coached by Hall of Famer
    Frank McGuire
  • Led Kansas to Big Seven championships (1957, 1958)
  • All-Big Seven (1957, 1958)
  • Harlem Globetrotters (1958-59)
  • NBA Philadelphia Warriors (1959-62)
  • NBA San Francisco Warriors (1963-64)
  • NBA Philadelphia 76ers (1964-68)
  • NBA Los Angeles Lakers (1968-73)
Pro Playing Highlights:
  • NBA Rookie of the Year (1960)
  • NBA Most Valuable Player (1960, 1966, 1967, 1968)
  • All-NBA First Team (1960-62, 1964-68)
  • All-NBA Second Team (1963, 1965, 1972)
  • NBA All-Defensive First Team (1972, 1973)
  • NBA Finals MVP (1972)
  • Holds the NBA Finals record for most rebounds (41, April 5, 1967 vs. Boston)
  • Scored 53 points as a rookie against Syracuse (March 14, 1960)
  • NBA All-Star Game MVP (1960), after scoring 23 points with 25 rebounds
  • Thirteen-time NBA All-Star (1960-69, 1971-73)
  • Holds the career All-Star Game record for most rebounds (197)
  • Holds the single-game All-Star record for most points (42) in 1962
  • NBA championships with the Philadelphia 76ers (1967) and Los Angeles Lakers (1972)
  • Scored 31,419 points (30.1 ppg) in 1,045 pro games, best in the league when he retired; currently second all-time behind
    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
  • Led the NBA in scoring seven straight years (1960-66), including a career-high 50.4 ppg in 1962
  • Holds single game record for points in one game (100, March 2, 1962) against the New York Knicks in Hershey, PA
  • Scored 78 points against Los Angeles in three overtimes (Dec. 8, 1961)
  • Scored 73 points vs. Chicago (Jan. 13, 1962)
  • Scored 72 points against Los Angeles (Nov. 3, 1962)
  • Scored 50 or more points 118 times
  • Scored 50 or more points 45 times in the 1961-62 season, including seven consecutively (Dec. 16-29, 1961)
  • Scored 40 points or more 271 times
  • Scored 40 or more points 63 times in the 1961-62 season; 52 times in the 1962-63 season
  • Scored 40 or more points 14 straight times (Dec. 8-30, 1961)
  • Scored 30 or more points 65 straight times (Nov. 4, 1961 - Feb. 22, 1962); had a 31-game and a 25-game 30-point streak
  • Holds single-game record for most points by a rookie (58, Jan. 25, 1960 vs. the Detroit Pistons)
  • Made 35 consecutive shots (Feb. 17-28, 1967)
  • Went 18 of 18 from the field against the Baltimore Bullets (Feb. 24, 1967)
  • Led the league in field goal percentage nine times (1961, 1963, 1965-69, 1972)
  • Holds record for most free throws attempted (11,862)
  • Grabbed 23,924 rebounds (22.9 rpg), best in history in both number and per game average
  • Holds seasonal records for most minutes (3,338, 41.7 mpg), most points (4,029), points per game (50.4), field goals made (1,597) and field goals attempted (3,159), all in 1962
  • Holds the rookie record for most points (2,707, 37.6 ppg) and rebounds (1,941, 27.0 rpg) in 1960
  • Led the league in rebounding 11 times (1960-63, 1966-69, 1971-73)
  • Led the league in minutes seven times (1961-64, 1966-68)
  • In the 1968 season, averaged 24.3 ppg, 23.8 rpg and 8.3 assists per game
  • NBA 35th Anniversary All-Time Team (1980)
  • NBA 50th Anniversary All-Time Team (1996)
  • Ranks second all-time in scoring with 31,419 points (30.1 ppg)
  • Ranks second all-time in rebounding 23,924 rebounds (22.9 rpg)
, despite being the centerpiece on defense for each team he played for. His 1961-62 scoring average of 50.4 ppg, accomplished with the Philadelphia Warriors, is by far the NBA record. Chamberlain also holds the next three spots on the NBA's season scoring average list with 44.8, 38.9 and 38.4 points per game Check out this site WILT for great facts
Thursday May 26 2005  Steve Nash is not the poster child for "The Great White Hope." Simply said, Steve Nash is a poster child for kids. Kids of any colour. Kids from small countries like Canada. Kids who dream of playing in the NBA. It is an insult to be referred to as a Great White Hope. Racist in fact. What if we referred to Shaq as a gorilla? And God forbid next year if Dirk Nowitzki – third in MVP voting this year – has a monster season and gets the MVP nod. He’s German? He’s White? Will he be referred to as the Great White Nazi? It’s ridiculous with all of this talk….black this white this. It’s stereotyping people…. conscious or not. Many many moons ago, I played on a team that featured nine black athletes and one other white player. In one game a spectator came down out of the stands, "We hear there is a player on your team who can really jump high and does wild trick shots. Which one is he?" he asked gazing over at my (black) teammates. The answer was yours truly...white yet colourblind  Years later another (white skinned) teammate had the same question posed to him prior to a dunk contest at a 3-on-3-streetball tournament. He was a former national team volleyball player. A player who could sky but once again fans turned their attention to the stereotypical thinking. Even read a few columns where people state that Steve Nash is the greatest white guard of all time? Hello?

Have you ever heard of

Jerry West: Honors: Elected to Basketball Hall of Fame (1980); NBA Finals MVP (1969); NBA Champion (1972); All-NBA First Team (1962-'67, '70-'73); All-NBA Second Team (1968, '69); NBA All-Defensive Team (1970-73); NBA Champion (1972); 14-time NBA All-Star (1961-'74); NBA All-Star MVP (1972); Olympic gold medalist (1960); NBA 35th Anniversay Team (1980); One of the 50 Greatest Players in NBA History (1996).

John Stockton , Honors: All-NBA First Team (1994, '95); All-NBA Second Team (1988, '89, '90, '92, '93, '96); All-NBA Third Team (1991, '97, '99); All-Defensive Second Team (1989, '91, '92, '95, '97); 10-time NBA All-Star; Olympic gold medalist (1992, '96); One of 50 Greatest Players in NBA History ('96)

Bob Cousy, Honors: Elected to Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame (1971); NBA champion (1957, '59, '60, '61, '62, '63); NBA MVP (1957); 10-time All-NBA First Team (1952-61); All-NBA Second Team (1962, '63); 13-time All-Star; All-Star MVP (1954, '57); One of 50 Greatest Players in NBA History (1996).

Pete Maravich Honors: Elected to Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame (1987); All-NBA First Team (1976, '77); All-NBA Second Team (1973, '78); All-Rookie Team (1971); Five-time NBA All-Star; One of 50 Greatest Players in NBA History (1996).

Bill Sharman Honors: Elected to Basketball Hall of Fame (Player 1976, Coach 2004); NBA Champion (1957, '59-'61); All NBA First Team (1956-'59); All NBA Second Team (1953, '55, '60); 8-time NBA All-Star (1953-'60); NBA All-Star MVP (1955); NBA 25th Anniversary Team (1970); One of the 50 Greatest Players in NBA History (1996).

Sunday May  22 2005 Oh my. Has it been that long since I blogged? Hats off to Steve Nash winning the NBA MVP. This status puts him in an elite group of players. He turned it up at notch for the playoffs. Of the current four teams left only Dwayne Wade is averaging more ppg 29.13 to 28.91. He is shooting .523 from the field and .936 from the charity stripe while topping the charts in assists at 11.8. If this doesn't garner him Canadian Athlete of the Year something is amiss? Strike one for the little guy. Not that often tiny fellas get the nod. 2000-01 - Allen Iverson of Philadelphia 76ers and 1956-57 - Bob Cousy of Boston Celtics.
Sunday April 17 2005 In some mock 2005 NBA Draft I have seen up to 15 international players mentioned in the first round. Of that 15 nearly all are white players. Of the remaining 15 in the first round they are American black players. In the second round there are mentioned up to 10 more international players (once again white) with the remaining American black? In some Mock Drafts there is not one single American white player on the board? What gives? Simple. International players are taught and fed to by culture and media that no race is better at any given sport and that all are equal. In the USA the kids are literally taught in their culture and media that the black athlete is better suited for basketball? It is the USA black-vs-white gap that causes this? Or maybe it is that USA players talents are based on athleticism rather than fundamentals and Europeans and such survive on fundamentals?
Sunday April 3 2005 All this talk about Lebron James being the supreme hoopster. Keeping in mind that various statistical categories came into being
at various times during the history of pro hoops...is Julius Erving's 1975-76 season with the N.Y. Nets of the old A.B.A. the greatest ever?
Scoring 29.3 ppg 1st
Steals 2.5 spg 3rd
Total Minutes 3244 3rd
Rebounds 11.0 rpg 5th
3-pt FG% .330 6th
Assists 5.0 apg 7th
Blocked Shots 1.9 bpg 7th
2-pt FG% .507 9th
FT% .801 10th
His previous two seasons were not that shabby either...
Scoring 27.9 ppg 2nd
Total Minutes 3402 3rd
Blocked Shots 1.9 bpg 4th
Steals 2.2 spg 4th
3-pt FG% .333 6th
Assists 5.5 apg 7th
Rebounds 10.9 rpg 8th
Scoring 27.4 ppg 1st
Minutes 3398 2nd
Steals 2.3 spg 3rd
Blocked Shots 2.4 bpg 3rd
Assist 5.2 apg 6th
Rebounds 10.7 rpg 7th
2-pt FG% .512 9th
Only Wily, Elgin and Oscar could have matched this had multiple stats categories been kept during their heydays.
Thursday March 30 2005
Letter to the editor:
In response to Jeff Justiz story (March 31, 2005 - Canadian students love college basketball, just not when their own team is playing) on the lack of fan hoopla for Canadian university hoops in comparison to the NCAA zealousness shown south of the border.
You ask, "Why can't Canadian students get behind their teams like this?"
Well, here may be some of the reasons.
When the Carleton Ravens 3-peated at the CIS finals there was an estimated 52,000 viewers watching on TSN?
Compare that to 546,000 watching the Canada Cup curling final on CBC.
Now don't get me wrong, but how can a 10-to-1 ratio of people say that they enjoy the "exciting" game of curling compared to the "boring" game of basketball (I state sarcastically)?
Simply answer. Culture.
Curling is part of our winter lore while hoops found itself mainly restricted to the indoors and it was something brought to us by Americans, although invented by a Canadian while residing in the USA.
Canadian university hoops will never be big in Canada unless we start to hype it up with daily national media coverage.
The idea is to promote the players first not the game.
When you watch the L.A. Lakers you watch Kobe. When you tune in to Miami Heat it's for Shaq.
Be selfish and think "me" first and not "us" if the game is to succeed.
We also have to start to give out scholarships in order that some of our best players stay put here.
It is already a known fact that each year our best 80-100 amateur players are already in the NCAA, so why watch second rate hoops?
And why do we play small ball in Canada?
This year when you take a look at the final 10 teams in the Canadian University finals there were only 18 players whom are 6-foot-7 or taller.
In comparison take a look at my own senior men’s team from back in the early 1990s’ from a small city of then 40,000 population or so.
Our starting lineup was 6-foot-8, 6-foot-5, 6-foot-3, 6-foot-3 and 6-foot-1 with two 6-foot-4 players off the bench.
Now head to the NCAA Final 8 and you have count em…47 players that are 6-foot-7 or taller.
What gives?
Do all our tall players head south to the NCAA or are they hiding in the woods with Bigfoot?
Sunday March 24 2005 Why do we play small ball in Canada. This year when you take a look at the final 10 teams in the Canadian University finals there are only 18 players whom are 6-foot-7 or taller. In comparison take a look at my own senior men’s team from back in the early 1990s’ when our starting lineup was 6-foot-8, 6-foot-5, 6-foot-3, 6-foot-3 and 6-foot-1. Now head to the NCAA Final 8 and you have count em…47 players that are 6-foot-7 or taller. What gives? Do all our tall players head south to the NCAA or are they hiding in the woods with Bigfoot?
Saturday March 23 2005 When the Carleton Ravens 3-peated there was an estimated 52,000 viewers watching on TSN? Compare that to 546,000 watching the Canada Cup curling final on CBC which drew 546,000 viewers. Now don't get me wrong but a 10-to-1 ratio of people enjoy the "exciting" game of curling compared to the "boring" game of basketball (I state sarcastically)? Canadian university hoops will never be big in Canada unless we start to hype it and we start to give out scholarships in order that some of our best players stay put here. We already now that perhaps our best 80 university players are already in the NCAA so why watch second rate hoops?

Wednesday March 16 2005 Gotta luv the press that Juan Mendez is getting. Everyone is on the boat and before the ship sinks the Raptors would be wize to get this kid in the draft.

Saturday March 5 2005 Last week the Toronto Globe and Mail came out with the first in a four-part series on the state of hoops in Canada. I sent them an e-mail from Frozen Hoops with some of the common historical facts that they along with other media have daily pertaining to our nation's hoop past and present. In the second part of their series - today - they came up with the title "Frozen Hoops" to highlight their feature on a young Canuck high school hoopster playing south of the border. I wonder how they came up with that title "Frozen Hoops"? Wonder if my e-mail gave em' a one-up. Checked out the website for the new Canadian mag Ballerz Basketball Magazine http://www.ballerzmagazine.com/ and liked what I saw.  They had features with Leo Rautins, Mendez and Carleton Ravens. Hope they do not concentrate on Canadian university too much as the readership is not there - in my opinion - to make it a sell. They also have to focus on Canadians in the pros be it NBA or overseas. Our university scene does not have a huge following as many feel our best players are already in the NCAA and we get to watch second rate ball.
Friday March 4 2005 Had a nice e-mail from Bob Butler. He suggests that we have a category for the top Canadian female players and here is his list. "I will start the ball rolling with the following names: Sylvia Sweeney - Andrea Blackwell - Stacey Dales - Liz Silcott - Chris Critelli - Bev Smith." Great list Bob and thanks.
Thursday Feb 24 2005 NBA trade roundup in a few simple words. Sacramento and New Orleans gor rid of two cancers from the locker room with Chris Webber and Baron Davis and Boston brought back a cancer in the form of Antonie Walker. Surprised that Toronto did not get rid of some of their cancers in the names of Alston and Rose but the remove Carter was probably enough.
Friday Feb 18 2005 Just got back from coaching a Grade 5-6 girl’s basketball team in a tournament. Finishing with a 2-2 record. I was proud of these young ladies. As a coach my comments are always simple....try your hardest and have fun. There is no mention of winning. There is no mention of scores. As a coach your work has already been done in practice. You are now there not only to help your own team out put assist in pointing out other things to the other kids on the opposing team. Not an in-your-face approach to belittle the other coach but words of encouragement. One parent asked me why I applaud when the other team scores? Why not? Everyone is there to enjoy the game. Still amazed at parents who yell at the referees. What does that show a kid who is 10 or 11 years of age about authority? 
Tuesday Feb 15 2005 Is it just me or are the Toronto Raptors 2004-2005 edition more about "soap opera" rather than basketball? Carter, Alston, Rose all should get Emmys for their role in this "Toronto Trash Town".  It seems the hype on Henry Bekkering as sure tuned down. Prior to his heading south to play at Eastern Washington he was heralded as the second coming of Air Jordan. If jumping and dunking were the only criteria for hoops the sport would be comprised of volleyball players.
Monday Feb 14 2005 In the last few days countless reports on the appointment of Leo Rautins as head coach of Canada’s senior men’s national team, have stated that he was the first Canadian ever drafted in the first round of the National Basketball Association. The Philadelphia 76ers made Rautins the 1983 17th pick.The fact is that the Milwaukee Hawks drafted Bob Houbregs, a 1987 inductee into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame, in the 1953 first round. True, Houbregs left Canada at the age of six but if we can have players like Rick Fox, who spent much less time in Canada, selected to our national team then Houbregs should get the historical nod. The recordings of Canadian basketball history are pilfered with false facts.It is stated that Ron Foxcroft was the first "Canadian" to ever officiate in the NCAA. Well there is a gent by the name of Ernest "Ernie" Quigley born March 22, 1880 in New Castle, New Brunswick, not only officiated in the NCAA but is also in the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame. Like Houbregs, he too grew up south of the border but the fact is that he was born a Canadian. When the recent list of top Canadian scorers in NCAA men’s basketball annals grabbed the headlines, sparked by Juan Mendez taking over the No.1 spot, the list missed several players including Ernie Vandeweghe, Stewart Granger, Barry Mungar and Bobby Croft. Even the founder of basketball, Canadian Dr. James Naismith, has had history turned on him. Numerous Canadian publications, including commemorative stamps, state that his name was Dr. James A. Naismith. He never did have the middle initial attested to by several of the Naismith clan who this writer has talked to in the past. I realize that this is trivial information but if we are to look to the future of Canadian basketball we must first know of it’s past.
Friday Feb 11 2005 Busy busy day in Canadian hoops! Leo Rautins named head coach of Canadian national mens team. Good PR move but can he coach? Will Leo be the star of the team or will it be the players? Had a chance to talk to the young bucks that are putting together Ballerz Basketball Magazine www.ballerzmagazine.com. The hoped for national publication will be a must read for Canadian hoop fans when it hits the stands. Sounds like they have good head for the bizz and a love of the game. We have had past national publications but none with the professional glitz and info that Ballerz Basketball Magazine will showcase. Also sounds like they will focus on all of Canada not just the Ontario scene. Frozen Hoops will also be making contributions to this much anticipated regular magazine publication.  
Tuesday Feb 8 2005 Time for the NBA to scrap the East vs West at the annual All Star game and go with USA vs the World. Would be much more attractive to world audience. Imagine this year's lineup for the World Team. Starters would be Yao Ming 7-6, Dirk Nowitizki 7-0, Tim Duncan 6-11, Emaniel Ginobili 6-6 and Steve Nash 6-3. Coming off the bench Zydrunas Ilgauskas 7-3, Pau Gasol 7-0, Andrei Kirilenko 6-9, Predrag Stojakovic 6-10 and Tony Parker 6-3. Rounding out the team Jammal Magloire 6-10, Marko Jaric 6-7 and Raja Bell 6-5. The USA team could not match up with this team for heights nor versatility.
Sunday Jan 30 2005 A lot of readers of Frozen Hoops state that the BLOG is their favourite part of the site. The only complaint though is that the BLOG should be daily as they are interested in my views be they controversial or down right boring. Well here are some thoughts. The Raptors are going with the catch phrase "A New Era" now that Vince Carter is gone - thank goodness. They have placed the “Heir Canada” tag on Chris Bosh. Bosh is still only 20 years-of-age and still has to pay his dues. Superstar? No. Star? Not yet. Good player with room to improve? Yes. If Steve Nash does not get Canadian Athlete of the Year this time and loses out to a bobsledder I will...I will....I dunno. If I was starting an NBA team right now had had my pick up five players who would they be? Shaquille O'Neal, Dirk Nowitizki, Tim Duncan, Lebron James and Steve Nash. A bit too tall up front but Dirk can play small forward and run with anyone.
Sunday Jan 23 2005: Just got my package from U of Tennessee with all the info about Bobby Croft. It seems the slim Hamilton Ontario native was the talk of hoops way back in the late 1960s'. In fact, in his final year of collegiate b-ball Boston Celtics legendary coach and GM Red Auerbach said that Croft "was the top pro prospect in the country (USA)." The Celtics drafted Croft who went on to play in the ABA. Yet you mention the name to most Canadian basketball fans and they have never ever heard of Bobby Croft? Hoping to get some quotes from Calgary Drillers GM Ruby Richman who coached Croft when he was on the Pan Am Games squad.
Tuesday Jan 11, 2005: It's great for all the hoopla that Juan Mendez is getting as he is within reach of becoming the No.1 Canadian scorer in NCAA Division I men's basketball history. A lot of webpages and newspapers though have been carrying many a mistake. When they show the top 15 or 20 scorers of all time they are missing countless names including: Ernie Vandeweghe, Colgate 1,404 points - Stewart Granger, Villanova, 1,307 points - Barry Mungar St Bonaventure 1,361 points and Bobby Croft U of Tennessee 1,071. The list goes on and on. They should check out frozen hoops for the inside scoop.
Monday Jan 10 2005: Damage Control. Damage Control. Kobe Bryant, Jermaine O’Neal and Jalen Rose we applaud you for donating $1,000 for every point you score in said games with proceeds going to the Tsunami relief effort. You guys were top news...CNN, ESPN, Sports Illustrated... telling everyone about your grand scheme. You scored 22 points Kobe. Way to go Kobe...$22,000 to the worthy cause. Hmmmmm...$22,000 from this seasons $14,000,000 salary? Wow! Can you afford it Kobe? You donation is equivilent of me - average guy - donating $40 from my yearly salary?  With your good deeds Kobe and digging so deep into your pockets and letting us all know over and over and over, maybe now we will forget about all of those criminal charges and infidelity. The same may be said with O’Neal and Rose. They are not jerks anymore. They told the world that in a team game environment they would think "I first" in how many points they score. Now if Wilt Chamberlain said that and went out and dropped in 100 points the $100,000 would really mean something. And what about Formula One racer Michael Schumacher. He simply signed the check for $10 million and handed it over. No fan fare. No…If I win three races I will donate $1,000 for each race…scenario. The Damage Control may have backfired as not all people are blinded so easily.
Saturday Jan 8 2005: Why are the Drillers averaging only 300 fans per game when the Calgary Outlaws or 88s' of past minor league hoops used to draw in the 1,000s'? Simple. The price of Drillers tickets. They are charging $100 for front row seats? That's comparable to lower bowl seat prices in the NBA for goodness sake! The lower bowl tickets for the Drillers is around $30. Still can't figure out why the Toronto Raptors don't sign Carl English. The high flying Newfie' is tearing up the NBDL and would be a sure ticket seller in TO.
Wednesday Jan 5 2005: Back from Florida after visiting the in-laws and taking on the crowds at Disney World. Took time to take in a Miami Heat game against the Atlanta Hawks. Impressed by not only the size and strength of Shaq but the speed and skill. Also visited Wilt Chamberlain's Restaraunt in Boca Raton. Disappointed that they did not have more Wilt memorabilia on the walls or for sale to the general public. Enjoyed reading the sports pages everyday as they had up to six pages - that's right six pages - dedicated to the NBA.

howardkelsey.jpg Howard Kelsey played big time Division III