2010 C.J. Phillips Frozen Hoops All Star Weekend

2010 C.J. Phillips Frozen Hoops All Star Weekend
C.J. Phillips Frozen Hoops All Star Weekend 2009
C.J. Phillips Frozen Hoops All Star Weekend 2008
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This will be the third year consecutive year that Westwood Community High School Trojans' Cody Clyburn (left) and Fort McMurray Composite High School Miners' Khalid Osman (right) take part in the annual C.J. Phillips Frozen Hoops All Star Weekend to be held March 26-27, 2010 at Father Patrick Mercredi Community High School. Currently in Grade 9, the two have played in past junior high all star games and this year will be part of the Junior Varsity (Grade 9-10) event. Friday will feature players from all 16 local junior high schools with the girls all star game tipping off at 5 p.m. and the boys at 7 p.m. Saturday will feature the JV boys and girls at 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. respectively and the senior high all star boys game at 5 p.m. Due to out-of-town competition, the girls senior high school all star game will be held Monday March 29, 2010 at 6 p.m. at Fort McMurray Composite High School. Admissions for the events are $5 with proceeds to send sleected local athletes for a week of basketball this summer at the internationally acclaimed 49th Legion Athletic Camp. There will also be an open 3-on-3 tournament Saturday from 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. at Father Patrick Mercredi, free registration. For info 780-743-4853 or www.frozenhoops.com


Today staff

Westwood Trojans player Jasmine Stroeder has guts, determination, strength and good shooting.

But according to her coach Chris Henneberry, the most important character trait she has is leadership. Stroeder was named the senior girls' player of the year at the Frozen Hoops All-Star game Saturday at Composite High School.

"She only scores about 15 points per game for us, but when she comes and plays with our team, it just brings the rest of them up so much more," said Henneberry, moments after the all-star team of Trojans and Father Patrick Mercredi Trappers lost 46-36.

Henneberry didn't have Stroeder available for zones — she was on the junior girls indoor soccer team with the Northern Alberta team at the Arctic Winter Games — and her presence was missed.

"We got fifth but we should have gotten a lot better," Henneberry said. "She's like a second coach. She's like a coach on the floor and she motivates the girls, she communicates. She's very mature for her age and she's a very competitive athlete. Above anything, she's an athlete more than she's a basketball player. But I wish half the girls had half the leadership she had."

Stroeder felt honoured to win the player of the year award.

"It's a good end to the season and high school basketball," she said.

Playing with the Troj"I remember the girls," she said. "You're with them every day after school for a long period of time. After trips, you become really close with them. And the coaches, they're always there to help you out."

At the beginning of the year, the chemistry was a bit off and the team was young.

"It built up and then it was just really fun playing with everyone," Stroeder said. "You knew where everyone was going and their tendencies. It was enjoyable. You wanted to come to practice and you just couldn't wait to play with everyone."

Westwood has a young team and is able to return a lot of players for next season.

"Hopefully they'll take what Jasmine taught them and we'll move on from there," Henneberry said.

Comp's Kassy Singer had 19 points to lead the Challenge Cup champions while Karissa Kuhr of Merc had 12 points.

ans for three years, Stroeder will take a lot of memories with her.


Had the honour of hosting the 5th CJ Phillips Frozen Hoops All Star Weekend last weekend at Father Patrick Mercredi Community High School and on Monday at Fort McMurray Composite High School.

Thank you to all the great volunteers who assisted and the 44 local head basketball coaches who continue to unlock the age of enthusiasm in these great groups of kids.

Below are results from four of the five all star games held.

Junior High Girls All Star Game: Team South 28 Team North 16. Top scorer was Kaitlyn Smith of the Greely Road Roadrunners with 10 points. Smith received a full scholarship to attend a week of basketball at the 49th Legion Athletic Camp this summer.

Team North came out on top in the Junior High Boys All Star Game beating Team South 58-39.

St. Gabriel Guardians led Team North with 12 points. Limbitico will also receive a full scholarship to attend the 49th Legion Athletic Camp which is situated at the International Peace Garden on the Manitoba/North Dakota border.

St Pails Panthers’ Jordan Moores replied with 12 points for Team South.

The High School Junior Varsity Boys All Star matchup pitted the Challenge Cup champion Junior Varsity Miners against all star from Westwood and Merc. Miners put 55 on the scoreboard compared to 48 for the All Stars. Miners marksman Khalid Osman had 14 points while Cody Clyburn sparked the All Stars with 12. Clyburn, a member of the Westwood Trojans, was selected JV Male Player of the Year: 

The High School Junior Varsity Girls game featured the undefeated JV Trappers (19-0) against all stars from Westwood and Comp. In a low-scoring affair the Trappers earned victory No. 20 with a 15-7 decision. Trappers Cassandra Larson and Meaghan Phillips shared JV Female Player of the Year status.

It was a high-scoring shootout for the Senior High School Varsity Boys contest; the Westwood Trojans winning 52-49 versus the All Stars.

Trojans top marksman was Shane Moghaddani hitting 15 while Comp Miners' Aaron Daniels also notched 15 for the All Stars.

Senior High Male Player of the Year was Trojans Shariq Walid. A class act both on and off the hardwood.

The Senior High Girls All Star Game was held Monday which was past our CONNECT deadline.

Proceeds from the weekend will also send two other athletes, Ola Dada and Chiara Viale, to the 49th Legion Athletic Camp for a week of hoops.

Trappers senior girls coach Brendan Toner was named Coach of the Year and long-time basketball leader Compton Vigilance received the inaugural Above and Beyond award for his 30 plus years of service to the sport in the community.

Catch you on the rebound.







5th CJ Phillips Frozen Hoops All Star Weekend
March 26-27 2010
Father Patrick Mercredi Community High School.
Schedule of events
Friday March 26, 2010
Junior High Girls All Star Game  5 p.m.
Junior High Boys All Star Game  7 p.m.
Saturday March 27, 2010
JV Boys All Star Game  1 p.m.
JV Girls All Star Game  3 p.m.
Senior High Boys All Star Game  5 p.m.
Saturday March 27, 2010
9 a.m. - 12 noon
 3-on-3 basketball
 Grades 5 - 12
Registration by donation
Monday March 29 2010 (at Fort McMurray Composite High School)
Senior High Girls All Star Game  6 p.m.
Also at halftime of game would have a 3 point shootout 
(3 players - one shooting and two rebounders) for age groups
ADMISSION TO GAMES $5 (proceeds to trophies, send athletes to camp, etc cetera)

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