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Media Release April 1, 2008

Winnipeg Golden Boys
C.P.B.L. team fo 2008

April 1, 2008  (Ottawa): It was announced today that a 16-team professional basketball league to be called the Canadian Professional Basketball League (C.P.B.L.) will tip off a 30-game season starting October 31, 2007 which will accumulate with the Naismith Cup tournament.
SportsNet has agreed to televise six league games and the semi-finals and finals of the Naismith Cup.
Teams will consist of a eight-player roster limit with a seven-player limit for road games.
Canadian content will also be mandatory with three
Canadian players per team.
Salary cap for teams will be $85,000.
Western Division:
Calgary Cowboys
Edmonton Crude
Lethbirdge Longhorns
Regina Capitals
Saskatoon SlamJam
Vancouver Wave
Victoria Vikings
Winnipeg Golden Boys
Eastern Division
Halifax Wind Jammers
Hamilton Storm
London Bridge
Montreal Maniac
Ottawa Justice
St. John's Rock
Thunder Bay Dunk
Windsor Thunder
April 1, 2008  (Ottawa): Julius Erving Signs on as Commissioner
"I feel like when I was just out of college and
playing with the Virginia Squires in the old ABA," said
Julius Erving...newly appointed commissioner of the
16-team Canadian Professional Basketball League.
"You were scared and excited at the same time. You saw the league grow and the players grow with it."
With the short 30-game season compressed into 10 weeks and with only eight players per team, Erving beleives that the National Basketball Association will be keeping close tabs on the CPBL.
"The scouts know that these kids will be in shape...not sitting the bench and watching the game. And the players know they only have 10 weeks to strut their stuff so they will be playing all out."

April 1, 2008(Ottawa): The CPBL high school, college and European draft will be held May 1st, 2007 in Fort McMurray, Alberta.
All team managers and coaches will be in attendance
and the draft update will be updated at this site as it happens.
Several USA and Canadian high school hoopsters have declared their interest including 8-foot-4 phenom C.J. McTipp from Anzac High.
McTipp averaged 39.4 ppg and 28.0 rpg while shooting 79% from the field.
C.J. McTippRing together with many friends
Montreal Maniac discover 9 -foot wonder
From Ukraine Jozef Handsfurther.
The Montreal Maniac have found a man to whom is
believed to be the world's tallest human. From Ukraine
Jozef Handsfurther standing 9 feet even (check photo
section). is, 23 years-of-age and has lived from the age of five until now in a monestary.
Hidden from all modern conviences, the quiet giant has not seen a television or heard a radio for the last 18 years. He does not know of the sport of basketball but has a reach of 12-foot 11 inches....which should come in handy for rebounding and dunking.
Scout Helmut Overguard, who discovered the hidden gem, notes that Handsfurther was measured with a 24 inch vertical which gives him an overall reach of 14 feet 11 inches well above the top of the backboard.
His conditioning is unknown but since you cannot teach height the NBA will no doubt be looking on come CPBL tipoff.

Afro will be mandatory
Darnell Moleman of Pittsburgh, PA displays new look league style

League to showcase Canadian
Canadian female players will hold games at halftime

Bb Cousy out of retirement to coach and play in Montreal. 

CPBL scouts are everywhere
Here scout Monk Mason files a report on a 6-foot-9 player from Nepal

Nuns with Guns
Official cheerleaders of Calgary Cowboys

And stretch 1...2..and 3
Stretching coach Allan Rubberhand hired by CPBL

Whoa dude!

J.J. Hippotant will be head cheerleader instructor for CPBL

Olympic running team

Members of the London Bridge team

Wrestling crew

Cheerleaders Tryouts

Angry wrestler

Latrwell Sprewel'sl Cousin Trys Out for Winnipeg


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