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Kevin Jobbity
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Kevin Jobity

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Height: 206cm / 6'9''
Position: Power Forward / Center
Born: 1974
Team: Champville, LEB (2005-05)
Nationality: CAN
Agency: Court Side
College: Niagara (MAAC)
Previous teams:
08 (SWE)
Sagesse (LEB)
Anibal (LEB)
Blue Stars (LEB)
Current Stats
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Career / Comments:
Born: Nov.21, 1974 in Brooklyn, NY
245lbs / 111kg
Big center who uses his body to score inside. Great rebounder, he is also a great shot-blocker.
Oakwood Collegiate, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
1994-1995: redshired
1995-1996: Niagara (NCAA): 5.9ppg, 4.4rpg
1996-1997: Niagara (NCAA): 10.1ppg, 7.8rpg
1997-1998: Niagara (NCAA): 11.6ppg, 5.9rpg, 1.9bpg
1998-1999: Niagara (NCAA): 16.1ppg, 7.7rpg, 2.4bpg
1999: Oct. '99 Atlanta Hawks (NBA) Training Camp
1999-2000: Grand Rapids Hoops (CBA), was signed by Baltimore Bay Runners (IBL) in Nov.'99, but the next month waived, and in Jan.'00 replaced injured Jimmy Arnold in Hapoel Galil Elyon (ISR), waived in Feb.'00
2000: Sameji (DOM): left the team just at the very beginning
2000-2001: Jamhour (LEB): 10rpg
2001-2002: Anibal Zahleh (LEB)
2002-2003: Sagesse Beirut (LEB): 10.1ppg , 10.8rpg
2004-2005: 08 Stockholm (SWE-Basketligan): released in Dec.'04, next month signed at Champville (LEB-Div.A)
MAAC All-Rookie Team -96
Canadian National Team -96-98,01-02
World Championships -98
Tournament of the Americas (Copa America) in Argentina –01(3rd Place)
Goodwill Games in Brisbane (AUS) - 01
Lebanese League Semifinals -02
World Championships in Indianapolis (USA) -02
Lebanese Cup Winner -03