Tony McCrory
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Tony McCrory

Height: 198cm / 6'6''
Position: Shooting Guard / Small Forward
Born: 1977
Team: Feldkirch, AUT (2005-05)
Nationality: CAN-IRL
Agency: Rasmussen Services
College: Simon Fraser
Previous teams:
Vilvoorde (BEL)
Furstenfeld (AUT)
St.Polten (AUT)
Palencia (ESP)
Career / Comments:
Born 28th May 1977
Tony is a solid all-round player and a good athlete. He drives to the basket well and is a very good perimeter shooter.
97/98 Simon Fraser (Naia)
98/99 Simon Fraser University (NAIA): 13ppg, 6apg, 5rpg
2000-2001: In Nov.'00 signed with Derby Storm (ENG): 12games: 6.3ppg
2001-2002: Redcom Airtel Porrino (ESP-LEB2): 10games: 6.2ppg, 2.5rpg, 1.4apg, in Jan.'02 moved to Ciudad de Palencia (ESP-EBA): 15.2ppg
2002-2003: Suba St.Poelten (AUT-A Bundesliga,1T): 14.7ppg
2003-2004: BSC Raiffeisen Furstenfeld Panthers (AUT-A Bundesliga): 26games: 13.7ppg, 3.9rpg, 2.6apg, 1.0spg
2004-2005: In Nov.'04 signed at Scarlet Vilvoorde (BEL-D1), released next month: 5g 4.4ppg 4.0rpg 0.8apg, in Jan.'05 signed at Eurotech Baskets Feldkirch (AUT-B Bundesliga)
high school Player of the Year in British Columbia, Canada, where he was the all-time leading scorer (38.5 points per game