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Frozen Hoops: Canadian Basketball
Top 10 from Mr. Basketball Quebec

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Dear Mr. Phillips:

My name is Brian Daly, Editor-in-chief of, a Quebec basketball web site based out of Montreal. Love your site -- it's an absolutely essential resource. Hopefully you can someday get your hands on that list of top Canadian NCAA scorers that we used to see posted on before it went offline.

Anyway, just wanted to throw my two cents in on the top 10 Canadian ballers in history.


 1. Steve Nash, Suns/Mavericks/Suns
 Two-time NBA All-Star and 2003 All-NBA Third Team. Nuff said.
 2. Jamaal Magloire, Hornets
 Top-5 NBA centre has improved every year since Grade 10. 16 points in 2004 NBA All-Star Game.
3. Rick Fox, Celtics/Lakers
 Not really a Canadian in my book, but played for national team, so I’ll include him.
4. Todd McCulloch, Sixers/Nets/Sixers
 Three-time NCAA field-goal champion. Started for Sixers and Nets.
 5. Leo Rautins, Sixers
 Best and most decorated Canadian in NCAA history by a mile, which makes lack of NBA success less relevant.

6. Ernie Vandeweghe, Knicks
 One of only five Canadians (With Fox, Nash, Magloire, Houbregs) to average double figures in points in the NBA.
 7. Bill Wennington, Mavs/Kings/Bulls
 Solid career reserve and key member of champion Chicago Bulls.
 8. Bob Houbregs, Milwaukee/Baltimore/Boston/Fort Wayne/Detroit
 One double-figure scoring season in NBA, several other solid seasons.
 9. Stewart Granger, Cleveland/Atlanta/New York
 One of top Canadians in NCAA history, lasted three NBA seasons at toughest position -- point guard.
 10. Rowan Barrett, Israel
 Superstar performance for National Team in summer of 2003 tells you all you need to know about his talent and durability.
 Honourable mention
 Wayne Yearwood, 6-7 forward, West Virginia
 Best player ever to come up entirely in Quebec system. NCAA star, overseas star for 15 years
 Carl English, 6-5 guard, Hawaii/Charlotte Lowgators - NBDL
 He and Juan Mendez are only Canadians I know of who averaged 20 ppg in NCAA D-I. Good but not great NBDL player, but gets my vote because the league is stocked with former D-I stars.
 Phil Dixon, 6-4 guard, Bathurst Heights/Utah.
 Our best high-schooler ever, and a solid D-I career. Too bad about his leg, or he’d be in the top-10.

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