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Frozen Hoops: Canadian Basketball
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Please e-mail us at and include your comments along - if you wish - your name and city.
Garth from Calgary "Amazing site and a wealth of information. I thought I knew a lot about basketball in Canada but I was wrong. Great job Mr. Phillips. Would love to read about your collection."

Kent from Ottawa  "The story on the Canadian to play with the Harlem Globetrotters was interesting. Up until now I considered myself a basketball fan of the Canadian game. Boy was I wrong. Keep up the great work."

Raymond from Montreal  "Awesome sight. Curious as to why Montreal's Samuel Dalembert of the Philadelphia 76ers' is not mentioned?"

Editor Note: Dalembert came to Canada from Haiti when he was 14 and really only played two years of organized basketball here before relocating to the U.S. of A and he has never taken out Canadian citzenship.


Dave Wells from Lethbridge, Alberta  What an awesome project! Great stuff!  I do have one quibble though (when you see where I live you'll have an inkling of why I'm particularly aware of what I feel is an egregious omission.) . . .
I've seen 19 of your top-25 players of all time play live (and Brkovich numerous times on T.V.) Actually, I've seen lots of them practice countless times too. Many are past associates (well, I was a Joe boy, but we were in the same national program) of mine. A good number are friends, some quite close friends (Meeks/Nash/Njoku) at one time.
Having said that I cannot possibly see how Phil Tollestrup is not in your top-five teams. I mean, it's not even close! It's not even close to being close. For heck sake I believe "The Marshall" was the leading overall scorer in the 1976 Olympics - the whole tournament, not just Canada and second in ppg. I think Phil was the third male player inducted in the Canadian Basketball Hall of Fame (1991). (Norman Baker 1979 and Carl Ridd 1980)  
He was (reputedly, I'm too young) the best high school player ever in Canada, (from here on I know) started every game in his career at BYU (very strong team with - Kresimir Cosic (Basketball Hall of Fame inductee) and Bernie Fryer (current NBA referee) too. A scoring force with the national team from Day One (not a world class defender though), drafted out of U of Lethbridge by Buffalo after making a joke out of the CIAU competition (it was literally funny to watch) for one year (but he was way too slow for the league - even by those days standards), started and excelled in the Spanish First Division.
How is he not better (at a minimum) than listed forwards Hansen (I mean he was a star of 1976 team Hansen was a dependable plugger on), Kaz (one of my favourite players - but?), Meeks (I love Mike, but gee?), and Brkovich (Brkovich - my God! I think he lasted one trip with the national team.)?
If you consider Phil to be a guard (he could play 2/3) he was better than Tillman (never even a starter with the national team behind Jay and Eli) and Mickey Fox by a large margin. At his peak he was more effective than Jay in a similar role.
Sometimes I think Phil needs a better P.R. man!
IMO Rowan has been short-changed here too. He deserves to be ranked ahead of at a minimum Till, Fox, Meeks, Brkovich (Brkovich?) at either forward or guard. If Rowan was this good at 22 he'd have been a fringe NBA rotation guy.
Brkovich? Man that one floors me.

Editor Note: For feature on
Phil Tollestrup, who coached in college my best friend in life, the lateWes "Greyhound" Herbert, check out the Longhorn Hall of Famer site.

MV Blair: I really like this web-site!! You've done a fantastic job!! This is the most comprehensive site about Canadian ball, and I love it. You do a good job showing that my neighbors to the north do more than hockey.  I love the emphasis on Dr. Naismith. It is a very common misconception that Naismith was from the US. Not true. 
I also love the page about the Toronto Huskies. I would like to know more about what happened to the Huskies, though... Great, just great, Curtis.

Editors Note: Check out Steve Nash and Canada at the International Basketball Network

Laurie Fox (June 3, 2004):  I just finished printing out Canadian Semi-Pro Hoops Time Capsule and am totally amazed at the information you have gathered. You are indeed Canada's Basketball Jones.

Brian W: Hi there!  Great site -- it's been a long time coming for
> a site like this to be developed

Mark Humeniuk: Very impressive website !  I knew all your bball knowlege would one day put  to good use.  have any officials every reffed in the NBA?

Editor' Note: It is always stated that Rox Foxcroft was the first "Canadian" to ever officiate in the NCAA. Well there is a gent by the name of Ernest "Ernie" Quigley born March 22, 1880 in New Castle, New Brunswick, Canada that not only officiated in the NCAA but also is in the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame? He grew up in the States though. Officiated more than 15,000 games, including college and AAU tournaments, over his 40-year career. Served as supervisor of NCAA tournament officials (1940-42) . Athletically gifted, Quigley was a star athlete at Kansas, and played under James Naismith, the inventor of basketball. Also a gifted baseball umpire, "Ernie" umpped in the National League from 1913 to 1945, including six World Series.

Coach Steve Konchalski: "Congratulations on your website - you are providing a great service to Canadian basketball!  Billy Robinson belongs on one of the top 2-3 all-time teams - he  was one of the greatest players to ever play for Canada in my time. Also, there should be more on Jack Donohue - he changed Canadian basketball more than anyone (except maybe Naismith)." 

Michael Mendez: "Question How is it that you don't mention a canadian like Juan Mendez as a prospect? If you think that a guy like Jerry Sokoloski should be a NBA PROSPECT and  not a guy like Juan mendez then we are in trouble."

Percival O. Flores: "Canadians in Philippine basketball. In relation to the topic allow me to report that right now there is a team from Canada,the University of British Columbia Thunderbirds competing in the ongoing PBA Invitationals.It has one Fil-Canadian in the line-up, Karlo Villanueva.It lost however it first game against the Barangay Ginebra Kings, a local team, which has former Washington Wizard Torraye Braggs in its lineup. Incidentaly, from 1998 to 2001, there was a Fil-Canadian by the name of Dean Labayen who played professional basketball in the Philippines in the Metropolitan Basketball Associaiton (MBA) which was supposed to rival the PBA. The MBA has folded and Labayen was never heard from again in our shores. Got any info as to what happened to Dean Labayen?"

Paul McLean: Love your BLOG. Great insight on Canadian basketball. Yes the ABA will crash. Hope Calgary and Vancouver do well. Did not know that Calgary had two pro teams before and I live here?

Bernie Parker: Frozen Hoops is hot! Your daily hoop news is rad. Only suggestion is a better layout and maybe go with for a domain.

Paul Peterson: I check out your Hoop Daily Newsbreaks every morning for what is happening in Canadian basketball. Frozen Hoops should be a weekly Canadian magazine. Keep up the great work Mr. Phillips."

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