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Frozen Hoops: Canadian Basketball
Three Dunkateers

Top 100 ranking

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Ht: 6-10 Wt: 215

Position: C, PF
Projected as: C, PF
Position Rank: 7
Class: 2005 Senior
AAU Team: NJ Shore Shots
High School: Benjamin Cardozo HS
(Bayside, NY)

The top-ranked player in Canada the past few seasons. He has big time college potential. Attended the 2002 Nike Hoop Jamboree event. Versatile enough to where he’s able to impact games at both ends. Major college recruiters went to Canada to see him as a sophomore. Fine athlete.

Theo Davis


Ht: 6-8.5 Wt: 215 PPG: 17.0

Position: PF
Projected as: PF
Position Rank: 13
Class: 2005 Senior
High School: Loyola Catholic SS
(Mississauga, ON)

SR Excelled at the NBA Players Camp. Strong body with good touch and feel. Will attend Nike Camp and All-Canada Camp.

JR Averaged 17 points and nine boards during the 2003-04 season for Loyola Catholic. Good athlete who has high ceiling but much to improve in his skills and defense. Possibly top Canadian player in the 2005 recruiting class


Ryan Wright


Ht: 6-4 Wt: 180 PPG: 18.0

Position: SG
Projected as: SG
Position Rank: 15
Class: 2005 Senior
High School: Champlain School
(St. Lambert, ON)

Scouting One of those guys who gets a little better each time out. Solid perimeter shooter who can play more than one position.

SR Attended the NBA Players Camp.

JR Hit the game-winning shot in a game at the War On The Shore. Looks like a talented guard, though slender. Has offense and can handle it.

Maurice Joseph

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