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1978-present day
1: Eric Skinner  6-foot-3
Most dominant player in league history. Simple as that. A 6-foot-3, 215 pound guard with a quick first step, strength and an amazing 3-point shot. Played 10+ years in league and on countless championship teams. Great on D also. Member of Acadia Axemen championship years in 1975.
2: John Randa  6-foot-8
Played one year in league 1986-87 on Team Xerox which was at the time one of the if not the best senior men's team in Western Canada as proven by winning tournaments throughout Western Canada. John, at 6-foot-8 and having recently finished an NCAA career at Eastern Washington, was the centre of Team Xerox which played a 49-game season.  Was on of the best rebounders in Canadian basketball. Played professionaly in South America and Europe. A legend in B.C. high school hoops.
3: Wes Herbert  6-foot-4
Along with Eric Skinner and John Randa played on Team Xerox. Prior to that played at U of Winnipeg and later led Lethbridge College to national finals. Played in Fort McMurray for several years moving from Winnipeg with Curtis J. Phillips. Wes, who died in a car accident in 1990 at age 28 along with his wife and four year old son Brendan, won dunk championships through out Canada.
4: Chris Jones   6-foot-2
A member of the powerhouse CBS Stars. Chris played one and a half seasons in the 12-team Fort McMurray league. Scored back-to-back 50+ point games. Grad of St. of FX program.
5: Gray Thomson  6-foot-4
A graduate of local high school ball - Composite - went on to become the ACAC all time leading scorer. Player/coach of one of the four dynasties in town the DAWGS which followed in the footsteps of Catalytic Centennials, Team Xerox and CBS Stars. Outstanding court sense and 15 foot shot.
6: Harbir Bains  6-foot-5
Another high school player - Father Merc - who went on to play at the U of Lethbridge. Also made Canada's national B team and played professionaly in France. A coaches dream player with strong fundamentals.
7: Sam Salter  6-feet
The third local high school product to make the list. Also went on to a stellar ACAC career and carved out a nice semi-pro basketball career in Europe and last with the London Towers.
8: Kenn McKenize 6-foot-1
Leader of the Catalytic Centennials dynasty from late 1970s' to early 1980s'. Great all around player smooth in all aspects of game.
9: Doug Arscott 6-foot-4
Scoring punch for CBS Stars. Could put up 40 at anytime and great hustler. Ontario college player.
10: TBD
League Presidents 1978-2002 (Alphabetical Order)
Doug Carter
Peter Christopherson
Peter Golanski
Curtis J. Phillips
Compton Vigilance
Tony Wintonyk
Top Scorers in League History (1978-present)  Alphabetical order
Ruel Altares - Kenn McKenzie - Curtis J. Phillips - Eric Skinner
Top 5 Highest Scoring Games
139 points CBS Stars vs Father Pats Trappers 47 (1990-1991)
Doug Arscott 38
Eric Skinner 27
Curtis J. Phillips 26
Randy Paine 26
Brent MacDonald 12
Wayne Halliday 10
138 points Team Xerox vs Catalytic Centennials 94 (1986-87)
Eric Skinner 38
Wes Herbert 30
Chris Kalnay 26
Curtis J. Phillips 26
Algis Grajauskas 18
136 pointsTeam Xerox vs Nistawoyou Hawks (1986-87)
133 points Team Xerox (1986-87)
130 points Team Xerox (1986-87)
Team Xerox also featured along with Eric Skinner (6-foot-3), Wes Herbert (6-foot-4) and John Randa (6-foot-8)  (ranked 1-3 player of all time), Chris Kalnay, U of Ottawa, 6-foot-1; Algis Grajauskas, Western, 6-foot-3; Terry Ayers, U of Alberta, 6-foot-5; Billy Halliday, 6-foot-4, Jason Soungie 5-foot-11, Edgar Reyes, 5-foot-9 and webiste editor Curtis J. Phillips as captain.
A starting lineup of 6-foot-8, 6-foot-5, 6-foot-4, 6-foot-3 and 6-foot-1.
1987-1988 Top 3 teams
Keyano College  16 w 2 l
Boston Pizza      13 w 5 l
Westwood          12 w 6 l
Top 5 scorers
Ruel Altares Grandma Lees 30.9
Gray Thomson Keyano  25.3
Chris Kalnay Boston  23.2
Joby Oomen Ft Pats 20.8
Shane Dawson Westwood 20.2
1988-89 Top 5 scorers
Gray Thomson 24.2  Keyano
Eric Skinner    23.8 Centennials
Chris Kalnay   20.8 CBS Stars
Ruel Altares   19.8 Grandma Lees
Curtis J. Phillips 19.0 CBS Stars
1990-1991 Top 3 teams
CBS Stars 17 w 1 l    98.8 ppg
Dawgs       13 w 5 l   83.6 ppg
TAS           13 w 5      86.0 ppg
Top 5 Scorers
Doug Arscott CBS  24.4
John Groenen TAS  23.4
Gray Thomson DAWGS  22.5
Dwayne Vigilance Miners 21.2
Eric Skinner CBS 20.6
1991- 1992 Top 3 teams
FOG             15 w 3 l
CBS  Stars   14 w 4 l
Wolverines   10 s 8 l
Top 5 Scorers
John Groenen FOG 31.1 ppg
Colin Vigilance Wolverines 28.7 ppg
Eric Skinner CBS Stars 20.1 ppg
Curtis J. Phillips CBS Stars 17.8 ppg
Eric Marchand Clippers 16.5 ppg

Wes "Greyhound" Herbert dunking on two defenders

Eliis Whalen played in men's league from 1978-83 and now back 2002-present

At 6-foot-8 265 pounds Randa was a hard man to move..NCAA star

Team Xerox featured several former university players...played a 49 game season

Presenting Harbir Bains with award (Played Canadian National Team B and pro in France)

Wes Herbert took off a year to lead Lethbridge College to finals