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Crime Does Pay in the NBA


Was nice to watch the Denver Nuggets in Edmonton to play the Toronto Raptors for a 2008-2009 National Basketball Association exhibition game Tuesday (Oct 2008).

This was also the first time, since 1982, that I that did not report, be it for print or electronic mediums,  on an NBA exhibition game held in our province.

Instead, taking the game in on the boob tube. Why? A matter of principle. A matter of Pros vs. Cons.

Felt much safer watching the Denver Thuggets…oops…I mean Nuggets…from a far away distance.

Boy these guys sure can drive and manoeuvre their bodies on the court. But would hate to see them, at least three of the Nuggets starters, drive their cars on the streets of Edmonton.

USA Redeem Team’s Carmelo Anthony was arrested April 11, 2008 for driving twice the legal limit. In response...the NBA, always promoting positive image, sent a message to his fans and your kids by suspending Anthony for a whole two games!

Then a month later he was ticketed for going 60 in a 45 mph zone. Must have been late for practice

Oh forgot to mention that four years prior he was cited for marijuana possession.

I guess crime does pay for this salary this year is $14,410,581.

Anthony is an angel compared to a few of the other starters.

Juan Howard was arrested Nov 11, 1996 for DUI and charges – thanks big time lawyers – were dropped.

In 1998 he was accused of sexual assault. Now for a woman attempting to get an NBA player accused of rape it would be easier for a blind, legless, armless, 110 year-old person to climb Mount Everest.

In 2000 Howard was also sued for supposedly giving two girls herpes.

And finally in 2008 he was accused of stealing an expensive pair of sunglasses.

Yet he is a great role model for our kids I am told by the NBA media machine.

Mateen Gleeves was a minor in 1998 when arrested for possession of alcohol, kicking in a door and not wearing a seatbelt. He must have grown up a bit for in March 2001 he was ticketed for speeding with a suspended license.

Teammate Anthony Carter was also pulled over March 3, 2006 for what was described “several traffic violations” and was arrested under suspicion of DUI.  The breath test showed double the legal limit. Was second DUI in the last 10 years for Carter.

Unfortunate the Nuggets superstar Alan Iverson did not hit the courts in Edmonton.

A sure Hall of Fame inductee in future years. Ranks up there as one of the greatest guards of all time.

His stats sheet is just as long as his rap sheet though.

In 1993 he was handed down a 15-year jail sentence, 10 years suspended, for literally cracking a woman in the head with a chair at a bowling alley. Three strikes? No way. He received a pardon after serving four months.

Then in 1997 he was convicted of carrying an unlicensed concealed weapon and marijuana after being stopped in a speeding car. Sentenced to 100 hours community service.

Five years later July 2002 he is arrested once again and charged 14 counts, including 12 felonies, after breaking into his cousin’s apartment with a gun he wasn't supposed to have. All charges were dropped. Amazing what a few good lawyers and media pressure can do to someone.

It is truly amazing how many NBA stars get off with major crime and can go on…like Iverson…to make $20,840,625 as is the case for his 2008-2009 salary.

Driving cars fast. Smoking some pot. Having fun with some girls. Carrying guns. Sporting tattoos. This is just part of our culture…the NBA culture. Not major crimes.

Not major crimes?

Then what was Nuggets Ruben Patterson doing on the hardwood for 20 minutes?

In my books the guy is the scum of the earth. He is a registered sex offender. He has broke jaws of people who “he thought” scratched his car. He pleaded no contest to an attempted rape on his kid’s nanny. Arrested for domestic assault by request of his wife. The list goes on. Yet we cheer for him.

The NBA should add along with their Say No To Drugs campaign a Say No To Thugs campaign where any player with a criminal record can go place elsewhere.

But then you would have no league?

A criminal background check was done on nearly 200 NBA players from the 2001-2002 season and it showed that 40% had had a formal criminal complaint for a serious crime filed against them.

Filed not convicted.
If O.J. can get off so can Shaq or Kobe.

Catch you on the rebound.

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