Top 150 Canadian Players of All Time

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Your Comments Needed

After extensive research have come up with a proposed final list for 150 Outstanding Canadian (Male) Basketball Players. Each will be profiled and placed into a book to be titled “Frozen Hoops”
This list was whittled down from a list of 600 + nominations and is a cross section of players from all eras of which 34 were drafted by the NBA.
Would appreciate any comments in regard to below selections. Did you ever play against or with said player or watch them as a fan? Or you may even be on the list?

Also if you have contact with any of the players please direct them to my attention.
Please e-mail me with your comments for the selected athlete(s) you may of knowledge of Include with your comments your name and own basketball experience that gives you credit to do such.

Gordon “Gord” Aitchison

Ian Allison

Wayne Allison

Jermaine Anderson

Richard Anderson

George “Porky” Andrews

Joel Anthony

Norm Basker

Rowan Barrett

Alex Beason

Ryan Bell

Hank Biasatti

Waletr Birtles

Tom Bishop

Richard Bohne

Alex Braiden

Eric Bridgeland

Douglas Brinham

Mike Brkovich

Denham Brown

Jermaine Bucknor  

Roy Burkett

Robert Burtwell

Woody Campbell

John Carson

John Cassidy

Titus Channer

Art Chapman

Chuck Chapman

Norman Clarke

Bill Coulthard 

David Coulthard

Ron Crevier

Bobby Croft

Samuel Dalembert

Mark Daly

David Daniels

Ed Dawson

Rod Dean

Alex Devlin

Phil Dixon

Rene Dolcetti

Nathan Doornekamp

Kevin Dulude

Carl English

Olu Famutimi

Mickey Fox

Rick Fox

Greg Francis

Alex Garrow

James Gillingham

Atanas (Nasko) Golomeev

Stewart Granger

Doug Gresham

Peter Guarasci

Varouj Gurunlian

Cameron Hall

Kory Hallas

Sherman Hamilton

Lars Hansen

John Hatch

Mike Hazzard

Brian Heaney

Gord Herbert

Eric Hinrichsen

Bob Houbregs

Barry Howson

Fred Ingaldson

Mike Jackel

J.D. Jackson

Osvaldo Jeanty

Patrick Jebbison

Kevin Jobity

Prosper Karangwa

Andy Kwiatkowski

Tom Kappos

Martin Keane

Howard Kelsey 

Gerald Kazaanowski

Levon Kendall

Harry Kermode

John Kootnekoff

Alan Kristmanson

Edwards Lacht

Bennie Lands

Ken Larsen

Rocky Llewellyn

Todd MacCulloch

Jammal Magloire

Jim Maniatis

Vidal Massiah

Andrew Mavis

Pat McGreer

Spencer McKay

John McKibbon

John McLeod

Danny Meagher

Michael Meeks

Greg Meldrum

Juan Mendez

Irving Meretsky

Perry Mirkovich

Mike Moser

Barry Mungar

Steve Nash

Greg Newton

William Njoku

Randall Nohr

Phil Ohl

Herb Olafson

Ken Opalko

Bob Osborne

Coulter Osborne

Bill Pataky

Eli Pasquale

Doug Peden

Bob Phibbs

Bernie Pickel

Ross Quackenbush

Romel Raffin

Andy Rautins

George Rautins

Leo Rautins

Warren Reynolds

Ruby Richman

Martin Riley

Carl Ridd

Billy Robinson

William Rogin

Jamie Russell

Doc Ryan

Derek Sankey

Bob Sharpe

Tony Simms

David Smart

Wayne Smith

Mike Smrek

Gino Sovran

Mike Spack

Ritchie Spears

Ronald Stuart

George Stulac

Warren Sutton

Shawn Swords

Logan Tait

David Thomas

Fred Thomas

Novell Thomas

Ron Thorsen

Karl Tillemen

Sol Tolchinsky

Phil Tollestrup

Bob Town

Jay Triano

David Turcotte

Ted Upshaw

Ernie Vandeweghe

Keith Vassell

Joey Vickery

Harry Wade

Dwight Walton

Ralph Watts

Bill Wennington

Rob Wilson

Greg Wiltjer

Wayne Yearwood

Dave Zanata

Jim Zoet

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