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Father and Son 

By Terry Garrow

I've given some thought about my father and our legacy.

My father starred at Bishop Fallon High School in the 1950's. He was a high school New York State first team all-star in 1956.

He earned a scholarship to the University of Alabama and played for two years
before returning home.

I read about some of my father's accomplishments in a book called Who's Who in Canadian Sports. As far as I know he was injured on the playgrounds (broken back) after signing a contract with Washington sometime in and around 1960.

He was an alternate with the Canadian National teams in 1960 and 1964. My father told me he should have been on those teams, but he did not talk about it often.

He did however tell me that Don MaCrae (U of W coach) couldn’t carry his jockstrap and he was on those teams. I don't know for sure but like any era there was probably a lot of politics involved.

I also heard Ruby Richman was a part of the process and he wanted his guys. In the mid 60's my father was in a very serious car accident which left in a coma for three days, which ended any hopes of playing at that level.

My father started coaching others and me in the Ottawa area at a very young age and contributed to there development. Some of the players he helped develop: Chris Johnson (U of Niagara), Ken Tucker (McGill University son of Whit Tucker), Tony House (U of M), myself, Jim Turner (U of Ottawa), Tim Mau (U of Guelph) there are so many others that I could go on and on.

In 1991 he was recognized for his accomplishments at the House-Laughten University tournament for his accomplishments to the development of basketball players in the city of Ottawa. I am very glad to have checked out your web site, as I have many memories of so many of the players I have watched, played with and played against.

Your list for Canada's all time players is impressive. I was particularly intrigued by Spider's Native National team.

Back in the mid 80's I played for Canada's Native National basketball team out of Siksika Nation for Rick Runningrabbit.

On that team we had Kurt Kelly (U of C), Ken Larson (U of Vic), Harlin Macmaster (U of C), Rick Stanley (U of A) and myself to name a few.

We would go to Nationals each year as well as play in Siksika's tournament each year against the best First Nations team's in North America.

We also represented at Yakima's All Native tournament which was limited to the best 12 teams in North America.

We finished fourth in the 1988 tournament. One of my biggest thrills was playing against Jonathon Takes Enemy of Montana. I was named Mr. Assist at the tournament.

I have continued to play extensively in Native tournaments in New York State from 1993 to presently.

You asked me to get back to you about my Winnipeg Thunder experience and while I was only up in that league for four games it was an unbelievable experience.

I tell people that on the day I was released I was replaced by Allen Leavell, Joey Vickery and Dan Becker (practice roster).

I played with James Blackman of Kentucky and he was a great friend to me for the month and a half that I was a member of that team.

I continue to play competitive ball, but my play is limited to Native tournaments in New York State these days.

Alex Garrow  was born January 3 1937 St. Regis, Quebec and died August 6 1997  Fort Erie Ontario.
Signed with the Washington Tapers (American Basketball League 1961-62) but did not play. His nickname was Chief.
Terry Garrow, a 6-foot-2 guard, was a stand out hoopster for the University of Manitoba Bisons
1987 - GPAC 1st Team
1988 - GPAC 1st Team
1988 - All-Canadian Second team (averaged 21.5 ppg)