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Frozen Hoops: Canadian Basketball
Dan Becker

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Dan Becker – Basketball

Dan first started playing basketball in grade 5, while living in Texas when his father was on sabbatical leave. He was not very good to start, but when they returned to Winnipeg he was just far enough ahead of the other kids to feel good about the sport.  Dan received a scholarship to St.Joseph's University in Philadelphia out of Fort Richmond Collegiate and then, after his first year, transferred to the University of Colorado for 4 more years.  He has played in just about every minor league in North America and quite a few leagues overseas, as well as a few stints with the Canadian National team program.  He has played every position during his career, but would call himself a true small forward.  His career highlights include receiving a try-out with the Indiana Pacers of the NBA because it meant being recognized by the highest level of basketball.  The other career highlight would be putting on the red and white uniform and representing Canada. There is a certain sense of pride playing for your country that he found hard to match.  His coaching career is just starting, as has been the assistant with the University of Manitoba men's team for 4 years now, 2 of them as a full time assistant.  Dan is currently enrolled with the National Coaching Institute pursing his NCCP Level 4/5 coaching certification. His goals in coaching are to reach the pinnacle of each level he coaches.  He hopes to secure a C.I.S. head-coaching job and develop a program that is known as the best around, which would lead him to his other goal of coaching in the Canadian National Team program.  He is married to wife Paula and they have a darling two-year-old daughter Niyah.  Dan wants to coach to help players reach their full potential and realize their basketball dreams. Basketball was such a great experience for him and he wants other players to go as far as basketball can take them and have some great life experiences along the way.

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