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Frozen Hoops: Canadian Basketball
Norm Baker

Player Profile

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Norm Baker 1923-1989

One of the strongest players to come out of B.C., Norm Baker became the youngest player, at age 16, on a Senior National Championship team when his team, the Victoria Dominoes, won the Canadian Basketball Championship in 1939. He won two more championships with Victoria in 1942 and 1946, and won the 1943 championship with the Patricia Bay Royal Canadian Air Force Club Gremlins, scoring a record 38 points in one game.

Norm turned professional in 1946 and played on a number of American teams including the Chicago Stags (1946), Boston Celtics (1949), and Boston Whirlwinds (1950-53). He also played for the Vancouver Hornets from 1947 to 1948, scoring an impressive 1962 points in 70 games. In 1948 he played in the Professional World Championships with Portland and was the only non-American on the team.

Former Harlem Globetrotter Manager Abe Saperstein once described him as, one of the greatest natural basketball players I have ever seen.

After his stellar basketball career, Norm worked as a police officer, and coached basketball and lacrosse in Saanich.


Inducted into BC Sports Hall of Fame in 1966


Inducted into Canadian Sports Hall of Fame in 1978


Inducted into Canadian Basketball Hall of Fame in 1979

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